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The 5 Simple Steps To Go From Stuck & Stressed To Feeling Like A SuperHero That Can Conquer ANY Challenge

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Without sacrificing your success or your family

(This is where the curiosity hook goes if you want a shout out specifically)

We're going to show you:

  • How to get your life back and STOP secretly internet searching for a life you only dream about.
  • How to finally be present with your family and have deeper connections instead of only connecting with your phone.
  • The real reason you are not moving forward, feeling like you are on a vicious hamster wheel of complacency and emptiness, that limits your results and leaves you exhausted and burnt out.
  • The #1 reason our clients stop wasting time on another strategy and instead, learn how to harness the power of their deepest desire.
  • How to stop creating chaos in your life, only to find yourself putting out fire after fire, leaving you exhausted and burnt out.
  • Why Fulfillment doesn't have to come with a price tag!

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Meet Your Host

Jessie Torres

High Performance Coach | Author | Speaker and Transformational Leader

Inspired by reaching the darkest moments of her life, Jessie reached a critical point of physical drain with heart palpitations and hair loss. The stress was taking over her life and she had zero fulfillment and was losing her relationships.

She knew there was more to her life and she was determined to achieve it. With this burning desire and 19 + years of education in Peak Performance, Heart Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and working with the largest coaching company in the world, Jessie developed the Fierce Grace Method. She has successfully helped thousands live with passion and purpose and the highest levels of fulfillment, without, losing her mind, health, or family.

She is the mother of 3 grown children that are also committed to changing the world.